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HOT! Setup Or Install WordPress Template And Do SEO + Premium Template + Plugin

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We also can assist you with with adding plugins, and answer any questions you have.

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#2 – Anne McCarthy on How Full Site Editing Will Impact WordPress

WP Tavern #2 - Anne McCarthy on How Full Site Editing Will Impact WordPress Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds 00:00 / 00:45:45 Subscribe Share About this episode. So the podcast today features Anne McCarthy....

Patchstack Whitepaper: 582 WordPress Security Issues Found in 2020, Over 96% From Third-Party Extensions

Patchstack, which recently rebranded from WebARX, released its 2020 security whitepaper. The report identified a total of 582 security vulnerabilities. However, only 22 of the issues came from WordPress itself. Third-party plugins and themes accounted for the...

Recreating the Classic Wedding WordPress Theme Homepage With the Block Editor

I simply do not understand it. For at least the better part of a decade, theme authors have asked for the tools to create more complex layouts with WordPress. They have asked for the ability to allow end-users to more easily recreate their demos. They have wanted...

Zerodium Temporarily Triples Payout to $300K for WordPress Exploits

Zerodium, one of the most well-known security vulnerability brokers, announced that it is tripling payouts for remote code execution exploits on default WordPress installations. Payouts are typically $100K but have been temporarily increased to $300K. The company...

Gutenberg 10.4 Introduces Block Widgets in the Customizer

The latest release of the Gutenberg plugin (10.4) brings block widgets into the Customizer. When customizing widget-enabled areas, a new block inserter icon is now available for dropping blocks into sidebars. This is the first iteration of block management in the...

Enō: ‘Probably This Is the Best Blogging Theme Ever’

Sometimes a theme’s description is so moving that one must install, activate, and test the project. I often rail against the obviously keyword-stuffed text in the free WordPress theme directory. But, I am pleasantly surprised from time to time. Enō is an elegant,...

Full Site Editing Is Partly a ‘Go’ for WordPress 5.8

Today, Josepha Haden Chomphosy announced the results of yesterday’s “go/no-go” demo and decision on whether Full Site Editing (FSE) would land in WordPress 5.8. The site editor and global styles are not landing in the next release. However, several other features...

FSE Outreach Round #5: Venturing out a Query Quest

The Full Site Editing (FSE) outreach program is chugging along. Since December, it has called for and completed four rounds of testing. The latest round asks volunteers to provide feedback on the Query block, arguably one of the most crucial pieces of the FSE-puzzle....

Yet Another WordPress Block Library Plugin

You are the team manager at a WordPress development company. You just spent the last couple of months directing the group of highly skilled developers that you oversee to create the latest and greatest block library for WordPress. Your developers just spent those two...

Display Digital Sheet Music With the WordPress Block Editor

OSMD plugin output on the front end. PhonicScore, a company out of Vienna, recently released its OpenSheetMusicDisplay (OSMD) plugin. It is a WordPress block built for rendering digital sheet music in the browser. The OSMD plugin is built on top of the team’s...