When you’re not working on the typical schedule of a nine-to-five job, it’s easy to lose track of all those hours. Where is all that time going? If you’re struggling to stay on task, or just want to make the most of your hours, one of these time tracking apps is just the thing. It’s time to reclaim your work life!


How does free/cheap time tracking software sound? Toggl is flexible and designed for teams of any size. One-click timers turn into valuable insight and business statistics, so you can reclaim those lost hours. Super affordable per-user billing means you don’t need to pay more than the app is worth, and teams up to five can use Toggl for free!


Harvest is a business-oriented time tracking app, rich with features and loaded with everything you need to keep you and your team on target. The program works by letting you set timers or fill out a timesheet yourself – super simple. Manage projects, see how your team is doing and bill clients from your phone, desktop or browser.


A simple time tracker, 100% free with no strings attached. Clockify was created because every team and freelancer should have an easy way to track their time. It may not have the flashy features of other apps, but it does exactly what you need. Individual, team and project tracking, hassle-free.


Made for visual thinkers, DropTask is the free management software for those looking for something a little more flexible. If other software is too restrictive, you’ll be pleased with this app. Work alone or together in real time with two teammates, or try the business version if you need even more control.


Time to create a balanced work-life schedule! RescueTime runs in the background and creates a report on what apps and websites you’ve spent your time on, letting you accurately identify distractors.

The software is free, but the premium version lets you block websites or set up alerts. RescueTime for organizations offers insight into your employees’ habits while allowing them to keep their privacy with generalized reports.


Running a freelancing team? Hubstaff is made for businesses and freelancers who need a way to track employees’ time spent. You can also use it for free by yourself! This is an all-in-one program that includes time tracking features as well as payroll, invoicing, scheduling, and more.

Billings Pro

The no-nonsense slogan sums it up pretty well: “Track, invoice, and get paid”. Send clients quotes, track your billable time while creating helpful reports and send an invoice when you’re done. Simple and to the point. The cross-platform app even has Apple Watch support!


Hours is easy to sign up for, easier to use, and lets you switch between timers with just a tap. The app’s timeline feature allows you to easily adjust your logged hours when there’s a mistake and get more accurate reports. You can use it on any device or right in the browser.


Need a free way to track what you’re doing on your computer? Try TimeCamp. For one user, the app is free forever. And its reports are super detailed, down to logging when you turn your PC on or off. With the paid versions, you get team support and access to dozens of helpful addons.

Eliminate Distractions

Time is money. How much is yours worth? When work isn’t getting done and you’re not sure why, it’s time to turn to one of these awesome time tracking apps. It can really be enlightening to learn how much time you spend on distractions throughout the day. And, armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to cut out those wasteful hours and stay productive.