When you’re designing a company’s logo, you need a way to test out how it will look once it’s off the computer screen. Applying a logo to real-world scenarios, such as engraved on a sign, stamped on paper, or etched into leather, can help you accurately visualize how it will look once printed and in use.

But many business mockups are quite expensive, especially highly-realistic ones that come with extra effects. Luckily, there are several free templates available online with all the professional look and customization of premium graphics.

If you want to see how your logo is going to look in real life, try out one of these beautiful free mockups. That way you or your clients can be sure that it will look great not just online, but printed on merchandise or even on their office wall.

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Example of Shop Facade Logo MockUp #2

Example of Natural Paper Printed Logo MockUp

Example of Carved Stone Logo Mockup PSD

Example of Embroidered Logo MockUp

Example of 30 Free Realistic Logo Mockups by Pixel Surplus and Asylab Design

Example of Hanging Wall Sign MockUp #3

Example of Painted Wood Logo MockUp

Example of Realistic Business Card MockUp #2

Example of Wood Engraved Logo MockUp #2

Example of Window Signage MockUp #2

Example of Free Garment Logo Mockup Set by The Designest Blog and Asylab Design

Example of Leather Stamping Logo MockUp #2

Example of Architecture Logo (10 Free Logo Mockup) by Shahanuz Zaman

Example of Paper Logo Mockup

Example of Hanging Wall Sign MockUp #5

Photorealistic Logo Mockups

Whether you’re designing a logo for your own company or for a client, a mockup can really help you refine your logo. Sometimes a design looks fine on the computer screen, but ends up being not quite right once it makes it through print. Maybe it’s just not suitable for the medium you’re printing or engraving it on.

Realistic mockups help you visualize your design in various scenarios. And clients will love seeing their company’s logo in these mockups. Try a few of these great free templates to help your design process and please your clients.