builders are having a lot more fun these days. This is thanks to the new
technologies they’re able to tap. These technologies enable them to create
websites that are more attractive. They feature better performance and more
functionality and are flat-out easier to build.

It hasn’t always been this way.
Website builders have been on the market for quite a few years.  Today, we have visual front-end website builders.
These tools are more powerful and flexible than ever and more user-friendly to

Web designers now have access to
tools that enable them to use their creativity to the max.

Here are 7 of the best modern
website and page building solutions for your 2019 projects.

Starting with –

1. Elementor

Elementor is the #1 website builder for WordPress. With more than 2 million installs worldwide, Elementor has proven to be extremely popular among web designers in the US, the UK, and Europe.

Why is Elementor so popular? Because it enables you to work in the most efficient way possible. Everything is WYSWYG, and every element is customizable. This means that if you can imagine it, you can create it.

You no longer have to struggle with theme limitations or constraints. Since you can work your magic from the frontend design panel, you can do all your designing without a single line of code. Elementor offers a powerful array of tools to help you build your site such as Theme Builder, WooCommerce Builder, and Pop-up Builder. To make a truly tailor-made look, harness the versatile functionality from the Header & Footer Builder, parallax & animation, dynamic content, sticky headers, to the countdown timer, star ratings & reviews – you name it.

So if you’re looking for a website builder that allows you to design, develop, and market simultaneously, and one you can master quickly, Elementor is for you and it’s an absolute steal.

2. Mobirise Website Builder

          One reason for giving
Mobirise a try is because it’s free; for both personal and commercial use with
no strings attached. That’s all well and good of course, but there are plenty
of other reasons as well; like the fact that this is an offline builder.

Being offline means you won’t be tied down to a specific platform, you
have total control over what you can do with this website builder, and also
with your site, and you can host your site anywhere. Since Mobirise is
Bootstrap 4 or Google AMP-based, your site is guaranteed to feature crazy-fast
page loading and be 100% mobile friendly.

Mobirise is also a drag and drop builder. It’s easy to learn and use, and
you can forget about coding because it won’t be necessary. A host of useful
design aids come with the package, including trendy building blocks and
templates, icons, Google fonts, and a half-million free images.

3. Portfoliobox

is another website builder that offers the advantages of not being theme-based.
You’ll find it flexible and easy to use, it doesn’t require coding, and a
worldwide user base of over 1 million attests to its popularity.

Portfoliobox offers three plans: a
Free Plan, a Pro Plan, and a Student Plan; each designed to enable you to
create a modern and unique website featuring a stunning portfolio in a few

The Free plan offers hosting of 10
pages, 10 products, and 30 images. With the Pro plan, you get unlimited hosting
of pages, products, and blog posts together with hosting of 1,000 images,
custom CSS/JS, Google Analytics, and a personalized domain.

Those who qualify for a free
Student plan get everything the Pro plan offers except the personalized domain.
All three plans provide the complete set of Portfoliobox design templates.

4. Webflow

ability to design, build, and launch websites made easy pretty much sums up
Webflow’s capabilities. The responsive web design platform translates your
design decisions into clean, semantic code for you. And it’s not just for
static sites, as you can build a fully custom and client-friendly content
management system (CMS) for every site that needs it.

You can use Webflow to build
ecommerce solutions, create prototypes, and add delightful interactions and
animations, all without coding.   

WP Page Builder

Page Builder is another design, build, and launch website-building tool option.
Everything is drag and drop with this real-time, front-end page builder so
there’s no need for coding, plus it’s compatible with any theme you happen to
be using.

The pages you create with the
flexible and simple-to-use WP Page Builder will always be 100% responsive and
mobile friendly.

6. 8b Website Builder

brand-new (January 2019 launch) website builder is futuristic in its design,
it’s amazingly simple to work with, and you can use it with equal ease in your
home on your desktop, or when on the go on your mobile device.

Since the 8b website builder is
Google Amp-based, your sites will be crazy-fast and 100% mobile friendly.

It’s also free during this initial
launch period.

7. Quix – Joomla Page Builder

– the first ever Joomla page builder that provides real-time SEO analysis of
your pages, SVG support and provides image optimization for rapid page loading.
This visual page builder allows you to develop your site at fastest pace and
create pages, forms, headers-footers, and themes.

Other page builders in the market
allow you to do only what a page builder meant to do. But Quix provides far
beyond than that by understanding user needs.

3 Key Tips for Successful Website Designing and Building

– Make your site mobile responsive

This was once a suggested option,
but today it is not anymore. There are more than 62% of shoppers making
purchases over their cellphones. Over 90% using smartphones to compare prices
and check out product reviews.

– Place your contact information where it’s easy to find, e.g., above the fold

People will want to contact your
business or sales team. Thus, you should put your contact information where
it’s easy to locate. If you’re using social media, putting links at the header
or footer serves the same purpose.

– Respect the need for speed

The typical busy shopper has
little patience with a website page that’s slow. 4 in 5 won’t tolerate
slow-loading sites and many of them will simply search for a competitor’s site.
Nearly 9 in 10 will seriously think about looking elsewhere if a site is not
behaving well.

Keep your site running smoothly by
optimizing videos and images for quick downloads. Make sure you’re using a host
that can easily manage your site’s bandwidth demands.


Finding a website builder that
will best fit your needs can be a challenge. Only because the marketplace is
saturated with them. The challenge can be especially great for beginning web
designers. They may not always know what to look for.

The intent of this article is to narrow
the search to a select few. Thereby, make it easy for you to find a
website-building tool that’s efficient, flexible, and a pleasure to use.