Low Carb Diet WordPress Blog Great for AdSense ads





The setup is the easiest there is…. You just upload the plugin to WordPress and use the plugin to upload the website, no need for setting up database.

After payment i will send you a link for you to download the ZIP FILE

Great for google AdSense ads or any other ad platform you wish.

Note:  setup NOT  included….after payment You will  get the website in a zip file.

“”””Domain and hosting not included””””

Low Carb Diet  WordPress Blog  Great for AdSense ads 

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Jump start your site creation with this fully loaded all you have to do add your email and complete your login info Why do all the drudge work when you can simply log install this blog package, log in and start making money.

Start promoting your website and sit back with easy money. you can add woocommerce plugin  if you wish to add products.

All done rite from WordPress no need to enter in to cPanel
#1 upload the plugin 
#2 upload the website using the plugin 
#3 your are all done