UI design is a delicate, and often overlooked, art. A beautiful user interface is half of what makes a website great. The best UI combines amazing design and useful functionality to make an app or website simple and fun to navigate.

But if you’re a designer making your own website, finding examples to draw inspiration from can be difficult. You might stumble upon an amazing creation as you browse the web, but if you need some great dashboard UI inspiration right now, we’ve got something for you.

These 13 awesome examples showcase a variety of different dashboards. From simplistic user backends to info-packed analytics reports, striking dark design to elegant light UI, those creating menus and dashboards will find some beautiful inspiration in this collection.

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Example of Sprint Report Dashboard by Rafał Staromłyński

Example of Paat Bank by Sarah-D

Example of Vector Trade Dashboard for Bitcoin

Example of Product Analytics Management System Dashboard by Kostia Varhatiuk

Example of Money Management Dashboard by Riko Sapto Dimo

Example of #Exploration - Dashboard by Dwinawan

Example of User Dashboard UI KIT, Human Resources, Employer

Example of Cryptocurrency Exchange Dashboard by Den Klenkov

Example of Car Dashboard Interface by Aga Ciurysek

Example of Product Analytics Management System Dashboard Dark Version by Kostia Varhatiuk

Example of Robo Advisor Web App by Michal Parulski

Example of Dashboard UI Concept - Dark Theme

Create Stunning Dashboard UI

Finding great sources of inspiration is a crucial step for any designer. Unless you’ve been making interfaces and outlines for many years, it’s a good idea to draw inspiration from other sources. That way you can see what works well in action and expand on it with your own unique style.

This list was compiled with variety in mind, so no matter what kind of dashboard UI you’re creating, you can find something to base your design off of. There are user backends, helpful interfaces, graphs and analytics, and everything in between.

We hope this compilation gave you the inspiration you needed to create a beautiful dashboard of your own.